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Author Topic: 182's, 197's 4a preview  (Read 1090 times)
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« on: November 23, 2013, 07:19:25 am »

182's- Heber Shepherd (Spanish Fork, 3rd at state)  Hard nose kid that is one of the Spanish Fork stud seniors this year...
          Tyrone Grantham (Mt. Crest, top 12 at state 2012, but just wrestled a tough season at Clovis high in California and should contend
                  for a title at this weight)
          Jake McNaughton (Wasatch, top 8 at state)  Tough upper weight who will definitely help the Wasps in 4a
          Hayden Phillips (Clearfield, top 12 at state)  He has off-seasoned a bit and can't be over looked
          Kyle Smoot (Box Elder, top 12 at state)
          Dewey Clark (Highland, top 12 at state)
          Chase Kindrick (Mt. View, top 12 at state)

197's- Breckin Gunter (Box Elder, state champ-2012, runner up 2013)  I think he has the talent to be a great college wrestler.  I don't
          think he will be challenged in the entire state
          Micah Gill (Mt View, 4th at state)  Great off-season and will be fun to watch this year, may drop to 184's in January
          Sam Cottam (Woods Cross, 5th at state)  Great athlete but he may be at 220's
          Ben Boss (Wasatch, top 8 at state)  This was a tough 3a upper weight I had previously missed
          Brady Hatch (Cyprus, top 12 at state)
          Boedy Dalton (Clearfield, top 12 at state)
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